Show up on time

Human Resources have probably sent you an email to show up at 10:00 AM for an orientation session with other new employees. Show up to the building on time and do not be late. Being late to your first day at work is generally not a good impression to make of yourself. If you show up 30 minutes early, it might be too early as well. If you do arrive really early, you can find a coffee shop close by and relax. Try to enter the building at least 10 minutes before.


Do not be afraid to ask questions

It is your first day and you might have a million questions in your head. You might be shy and might be afraid to ask questions to your new co-workers. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is easy to believe that the best time to ask them questions is when they are free. However, in reality, everyone will also have something to do so they will never be “free”. Do not wait and approach them (Of course, not when they are speaking to another co-worker or are on the phone)

Asking questions shows curiosity and demonstrates your interests in the being at the company. You will never know that the person you are asking questions to might be your future mentor.


Bring a notebook

There will probably be a lot of jargon and acronyms coming right at you on your first day. Bring a notebook and jot down important information in regards to your role and the company. You are probably not going to remember everyone you meet, so it might be a good idea to write down their names and their positions at the company.


Listen and observe

On your first day, be an active listener and take as much information you can. If you do most of the talking on your first day, you might miss out of valuable information.

Go to lunch with your team

If your team invites you to lunch on the first day, don’t skip out on lunch. You could bring in your own lunch, but from our previous experiences, your manager would take you out to lunch.


Have an elevator pitch prepared

You’re probably going to be introducing yourself to everyone in the office on your first day. It would be best to create a 30-second pitch to tell who you are and what you did prior to your new role. Even though you are new to your position, be prepared to tell others what your new role would entail.

Below is a guideline you can use for your elevator pitch:

Hello, my name is [First and Last Name] and today is my first day as a [Your Position]. I recently graduated from [Your School] majoring in [Your Major]. I’m excited to join [Company] as a [Your Position] and I will be working with [Your Manager’s Name]. I am also interested in learning about your position, we can get in touch later”.

Find a buddy

It is essential to find a buddy in your office because starting a new job might be stressful at first. You will get the opportunity to learn the unwritten rules in the office and also have a chance to be introduced to more colleagues.


Learn the office environment

If you work at a big company with thousands of people, chances are the company will occupy multiple floors of the building. It is important to memorize the location of your department or office. Also, learn where your boss’s office is at so you can reach them easily. It won’t hurt to learn what department is located on what floor. But for now, know the location of the department that you will work with.   


Prepare Morning Logistics

A good way to make sure you are on time is to plan out your morning commute to work. Check for traffic wait times and alternative routes. If you are driving, make sure the surrounding areas have parking available so you don’t waste valuable time trying to secure a spot. Determine the logistics within your company. Has your company informed you about the time you should arrive and where to check in? If not, then make sure you’re prepared before your first day of work. 


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