It’s been a year since we interviewed Kaitlyn, we caught up with Kaitlyn to see where she is at today.

Read her interview a year ago:

Senior year has come so much faster than I expected it to, but I am enthusiastic about what it has in store. I am excited not only to further my education with classes that specific to my major but also to complete my third co-op. This Fall, I will be working on a team of many types of engineers doing health research at Harvard Public Health. While there, I am looking forward to applying myself in ways that I have learned in class and in previous co-ops to further my learning and positive community contributions. 

What advice do you have for students heading to their Junior year of college?

Dear students heading into your Junior year of college, congratulations, you have made it so far! It may have been challenging to reach this point, so don’t forget to reflect and give yourself credit. Time seems to pass by quickly once co-ops and classes begin, so I recommend taking it all in and trying to learn as much as you can. There are so many clubs, resources, and people to connect with while on campus, so take advantage of this. Don’t forget to thank those who have helped you along the way, ask many questions, and keep a positive attitude!

Has your future outlook changed from the last time we spoke?

Yes, I would argue that my future outlook changes quite frequently. I set many specific goals for myself. With each course I take and each co-op I complete, I learn more about myself and what I want to do in the future.

Any words of wisdom for the careerbyte community?

STEAM-related majors and topics are so interesting and relevant, especially in today’s society. It is crucial to remind ourselves that even though we do a lot of things that are challenging, we should not stop moving forward. At times, we must complete calculus problems that take up seven pages of paper, or we must repeat a lab in Biology three times for the sake of research. There are many ways in which STEAM topics cause frustration, but they are bringing all of us steps closer to contributing information for the benefit of future generations. The work we do is essential, and it will make a change in the world one day if we all support each other and view it through a positive lens.

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