Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nicolas Bonzani, I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been working with computers and tech for pretty much my entire life. Some of my interests include video games, dogs, and baking.

Where did you attend school and what did you study?

I attended Wentworth Institute of Technology, where I studied Computer Science with a minor in Applied Mathematics. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in August 2016.

Where do you work now and what is your position?

I work at Brightcove, which is the leading provider of online enterprise video services. My current role is Tier 1 Technical Support Engineer, having worked my way up from being an intern through the co-op program at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Tell us a bit about your position at Brightcove?

My day-to-day involves working directly with customers to resolve their issues with the Brightcove product suite. We also provide solutions and recommendations to our customers to help them achieve the success that they are looking for with their online video strategy. Brightcove’s products encompass an incredibly wide berth of online technologies, from basic video player implementation to more in-depth CDN and live streaming solutions. We also have a good number of public APIs available, so there’s always something new to learn and discover here.

What advice would you give to students interested in becoming a Tier 1 Technical Support Engineer?

Apply for a co-op! We find that the majority of the best Support Engineers come directly from the co-op program. If you’re interested in online video — especially the technical aspect — shoot me an email or LinkedIn message!

Day in The Life

What time do you wake up in the morning?

I try to be up by 7:30 AM since I begin working at 9:00 AM. If I ride the blue line it usually takes me about 30-40 minutes to make it into the office.

Any morning routines?

I play with my cat, Sylvie, every morning as I’m getting ready. She loves her laser pointer and will happily chase it everywhere and anywhere!

How is your morning commute?

Well, it involves riding the T, but the blue line isn’t terrible. We get on at the train stop at the very end of the blue line, so there’s usually plenty of seats available.

Do you listen to podcasts or music in the morning, if so what do you listen to?

I’ve found that listening to podcasts makes my commute so much easier. My favorite podcasts right now are Giant Bomb and My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

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