Tell us about yourself.

Hi there, my name is Kaitlyn and I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering (BME) student at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. I would describe myself as independent, creative, and kind. Every day, I engage in creative projects-whether it is for school or for personal reasons. I love living in the city because there are so many resources in this area and there are many places to visit and get inspiration from.

How is the Biomedical Engineering program at Wentworth Institute of Technology?

At Wentworth Institute of Technology, the Biomedical Engineering program was recently accredited, and it continues to grow in every direction! What I enjoy most about the program are the hands-on labs and projects that we do. In almost every class that I have taken, the course allows the students to develop a creative project and to use some of the many resources that are here such as older students, 3D printers, study groups, etc. In addition to this, I enjoy the fact that many other people in the school are interested in the same thing, so this makes for a great conversation starter.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at Wentworth?

While on campus, I am a Resident Assistant and a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society. In addition to this, I have a few jobs on campus- doing biomedical engineering research – specifically with cybersecurity in medical devices, and in the Architecture office. In my free time, I enjoy creative projects such as making clothes, taking photographs around the city, and playing musical instruments.

Why did you choose to major in Biomedical Engineering?

One of the main reasons I chose to pursue Biomedical Engineering was because it is an amazing composition of all of the things I love. In simple terms, I would describe BME as a blend of science, art and nurturing. Firstly, there is a ton of science that goes into BME, my entire course load has included classes from Biology and Chemistry to Anatomy and Medical Imaging. Though often challenging and slightly stressful to manage, I find all of these topics quite interesting and that is what motivates me to continue learning it. Next, BME incorporates forms of art. I love working with my hands and solving problems by developing things, and BME does just that. Many classes that I have taken have left a large portion up to the student so that they may develop something that they have interest in. The school has many connections and resources that make the creative possibilities endless. In addition to this, BME is a major that allows me to give back to my community. I know that one day I will be able to develop or improve a device that will make a positive impact on a person’s life. Caring for people is something that I love to do, so I hope to make someone smile because of BME.

What are your plans for the next few years?

As of right now, I am not exactly sure where I will be in the next five years – but I have a few ideas. I intend to finish school and graduate in 2020 and to live in the city of Boston for a few years. Ideally, I will work at a company that allows me to research and develop creative projects.

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