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What is careerbyte?

careerbyte (previously careerbyte) is a media website that empowers students and professionals with career-focused content.

What is the mission of careerbyte?

To provide students and professionals the tools that can empower their careers.

What is the vision of careerbyte?

To be a trusted source of information for career empowerment.

When was careerbyte founded?

careerbyte is a rebrand of careerbyte, the change was made in July 2021 after a hibernation. careerbyte was founded in September 2018. Initially, the idea of careerbyte started floating around our heads in the summer, but we wanted to start it after they graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Who are the founders of careerbyte?

William (Will) Ma and Olakunle (Kunle) Lawal are the founders of careerbyte. Will and Kunle met when they were first-year students at Wentworth Institute of Technology. They also majored in Computer Information Systems and graduated together in August 2018.

Why the name “careerbyte”?

We wanted to provide students and professionals byte-sized digestible content for career empowerment. Thus, we decided on the name careerbyte.

Are you a profit or a non-profit organization?

We’re currently a bootstrapped for-profit social venture, we see ourselves as a media company empowering the careers of individuals.