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With colleges going remote, you’re most likely to take classes online. If this is your first time taking an online class, don’t be afraid. We have tips that can help you crush your online classes and score high grades.

Creating a Schedule And Understand It Really Well

Most of your coursework is online now and all of the assignments have deadlines. It is important for you to jot these deadlines on a Google Calendar or on a planner. If most of your assignments are due on Sunday at 11:59 PM, then you have to make sure that you set time aside to complete these assignments. Try not to procrastinate and don’t wait till the last minute to turn in the assignments. Having a consistent routine can improve your mental health and reduce stress.

For example, I wake up at 9:00 AM for my classes and I usually spend time doing homework at 3:00 PM every day. Having a consistent schedule and sticking to one will be important if you’re taking online classes.


Find a decent study location (don’t be near your bed)

Studying at home can have some challenges. There will be distractions at home and your parent could barge into your room with freshly cut fruit. It is important to set boundaries and rules at home. For example, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM is when you’re doing homework. At that time, you can tell your family to turn down the volume if they’re watching YouTube videos on their phone. For online classes, you could shut your door as a sign to show that you’re currently busy.

Don’t be near your bed, you will fall asleep. Don’t do it!


Reach out to your professors if you need help

If you’re struggling with a class, talk to your professor if you have any doubts about the course material. You may be intimidated to ask your professors for questions, but they are paid to help you. That’s why each professor has office hours set aside if students have any questions. If your question can be solved by googling, then you’re fine. But if you’re spending hours looking for a solution, an email to your professor is definitely the next step.


Eliminate any distractions

Try to limit distractions like Youtube, Instagram, and Netflix when you’re doing your homework. If you’re viewing a course lecture online and watching Netflix at the same time, then it is going to be tough to sink in the information. Multi-tasking doesn’t work and make sure you’re focused when taking online classes.


I hope these tips can help you succeed this semester. Good luck in your online classes!

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