Dealing with job search rejection can be stressful, depressing and make you just want to give up sometimes.  Do not let the rejections get in the way of your future.  It is very trying to get those rejection letters, emails and letters.  You will have to just keep on plugging away at it.  Do not let it get you down.  There is the right job for you, you just have to get back on the horse and find it.  If one door closes a whole bunch more open.

Everything happens for a reason and if you get rejected for the job that you thought was going to be your dream job, then it probably was not your dream job and you are still out there trying to find it.  Something good will come out of all the rejections, it is not the end of your job hunt.  It just means you have to get back on the horse and take a different approach to the jobs you are trying to get.

Just do not change who you are to get the job you have been dreaming of.  You always need to be yourself, do not change for any job because if you get the job, you will always have to be somebody else instead of who you really are.  You will find a job where you can be yourself and show your true potential you have to offer the company you want to work for.

Figure out what is wrong

So, you have gotten several rejections from jobs you were really interested in, you need to figure out what went wrong.  Did I not have the proper clothes on for the interview, was I not making eye contact with the employer, was I more worried about what they were going to do for me as to what I was going to do for them, did I not give them the right answers for the questions that they asked me or did my enthusiasm not shine through about how excited I would be if I got the job.

So many questions running through your head after they told you “sorry, we found somebody else.”  Now you are questioning if they were more qualified than you or did they talk their way through the interview better.  The best way to figure out what went wrong is to ask!  In a nice letter, email or phone call, ask the employer what you did wrong.  You will have to be open to criticism.  You can not get upset or mad when they tell you why you were not the chosen one.  When they are done you can now go back home and regroup and start over on the next job interview you have.

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from an employer you just had a job interview from and they told you “no thanks” is nothing to be ashamed of.  Getting feedback from an interview is a good way to improve on the things that they said did not get you the job.  If they have the time it could be really insightful and help you in the future for the other interviews you will have to endure.  It can only help you improve for the next interview you have to go to.

You will be more prepared and readier to go with more confidence as well.  If you were not dressed properly, you can wear the proper attire.  Maybe you were not outgoing enough, now you know what to do in the next interview.  The more feedback you can get, the better your chances are for the next interview.  Just make sure you are ready to take the criticism without getting upset.  They are only trying to help you get your future on the right track.

Do not give up

Getting a rejection letter or email or however you receive a rejection, it is not the end of the world.  It is the beginning of something new.  Do not let rejections get you down or lose hope in finding the perfect job or internship.  Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you just have to get right back up and move forward and go on to the next adventure.  Sometimes a rejection can be a blessing in disguise!  If you dwell on the past, you will never be able to move forward and achieve your full potential.

You just need to figure out why they did not hire you and change what you did wrong if anything and goes forward.  Sometimes you are just not the right fit for the position that you are applying for.  Maybe you are overqualified, maybe you are under qualified.  You might not have the right personality they are looking for, or even you were not dressed the way they would like.  It is sad, but some people look at those things when you are being interviewed.

Make sure you take the criticism from the other jobs you did not get into consideration when applying and interviewing at the other opportunities that you have been giving.  Once you tweak what you have heard and take all the information, whatever that may be to your other interviews, you will land the job or internship you have always dreamt about.  All you can do is that best that you know how or to the best of your potential and you will get the job you are dreaming about.  It takes patience and desire to get what you want.  You will just have to go out there and get it.

Make sure to stay focused and always have a positive attitude, people can tell if you are a confident person by how you look, act and dress.  Always look your best when going to an interview.  You need to look put together and always eager to try new things and learn new things, as well as listen to new ideas.  Do not ever give up on yourself!

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