As someone who has worked so hard to earn their degree and is excited to get started in the workforce, there is nothing quite like the euphoric moment when the company you applied to wants an interview. Though frequently companies conduct in-person interviews, many are now taking advantage of available technologies, such as Zoom, to perform this task remotely, saving tons of time for both of you. Even as thrilled as you are, if this is your first Zoom remote interview, then chances are you’re nervous about what to expect. The reality is that it is not nearly as frightening as you may think, and with the right preparation, you will surely ace it.

Find a Respectable Location

Before anything, make sure you have an ideal spot that you can do your interview. This means quiet, no distractions, and a professional-looking background. If you set your laptop up with your messy room behind you, that does not exactly give off the greatest impression. Go with a solid/neutral color and make sure that you can get through the entire session without being interrupted by either people or noises outside.

Dress the Part

Though you hear that looks don’t matter, they certainly do when it comes to interviews. If you go into your remote interview with a stained shirt and messy hair, then you are signaling to your potential employer that you are not putting in the effort or drive to sell yourself for this position. Furthermore, dressing professionally can also enhance your overall demeanor, making you feel and sound more elocute.

Research the Company

Whether this is an in-person or remote interview, always research the company you are interviewing with. This allows you to customize questions, guide your personal achievements to link to the role, and make you feel much more prepared overall. Also, by bringing up certain personalized features such as complimenting your interviewer on a business success that you read about shows that you took the initiative to learn about them.

Do A Practice Remote Interview

To give yourself more confidence, set up an entire “fake” Zoom interview exactly how you would if it were real. Dress the part, have your set up in place, and get a feel of what it would be like talking to the screen. Practice conversing about yourself enthusiastically, rehearse your questions, sit up straight the whole time, and be mindful of good eye contact. You may want to do this a couple of times, once a day or two beforehand, and again the day of to keep it fresh in your mind.

Notes Preparation

Sure, having a notepad, a pen, and your resume on your desk are all great, but remember the part about eye contact? Interviewers notice when someone is not making eye contact with them for seconds at a time. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to look down at a notepad for references. An effective alternative tip is to place some sticky notes on the sides of your computer screen so you can quickly gaze at them to remember your next part without having to look down.


Remote interviews may be foreign to you right now, but that does not mean you cannot nail it with some practice and mindfulness. Make sure to give yourself the best leverage and competitive advantage by using the tips listed above for guidance. This is an amazing and life-changing time period for you, filled with transitions and golden opportunities. So, when you get that email with your remote interview date and time details, plan ahead, go into it confidently, and always make sure to be yourself.

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