What is Notion?

Notion is the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, etc. It is one of the fastest-growing productivity tools out there and you should definitely use it as a college student. The best part is that Notion is free for students. Sign up here: https://www.notion.so/students

The main question is, why should you use Notion in college? The reason why is that it has the tools you need all in one place. Back in my undergraduate days, I used OneNote, Trello, Google Calendar, and so many other applications just to get organized. The downside of that is that I have so many apps installed on my computer and many browser tabs open. Having only one platform to use makes your college life much easier.

I have created a template called “College – Portal”, this is where you can organize your college coursework. In the template, there will be five main sections that will be vital for organizing your college life.

Notion College Template
  • Planner: This is for organizing events like “When are classes going to start?”. This is basically a calendar where you can manage your life.
Notion College Planner
  • Coursework: This is where you can manage deadlines for your projects and homework assignments. It uses a Kanban-style board (similar to Trello), where you can track work in 3 different stages. Not started, In progress, and Completed. 
Notion College Coursework
  • Lecture Notes: This is where you can store your notes for your classes. You can organize notes by your class and also by your professor’s name.
Notion Lecture Notes
  • Quiz / Exams Tracker: Putting dates for your quizzes and remind you when your final exams are. 
Notion Quiz and Exams Tracker
  • Job Applications: Keep track of the internships / full-time jobs that you apply to.
Notion Job Applications College

The benefit of this template is that you don’t need to create it from scratch. If you don’t have a Notion account, then you can create one for free as a student.

Here’s the Notion template that you can use to organize your college life: https://bit.ly/2BwmXHC

The next step is for you to click on “Duplicate” in the top right corner. This allows you to copy this template into your own workspace in Notion. 

Are you interested in more Notion templates for college students? If so, we’re happy to create more! We’re excited to launch Notion for College Students, sign up on the form below.

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