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Have you ever wondered about how you can organize your job search? This simple Google sheet can help you organize your job search and make sure you are on top of things.

When you are applying to multiple jobs at once, you can easily lose track of the companies you’re applying too. With so many deadlines to keep track of, this Google sheet can help you “excel” (get it? like excel sheets) in your job search.

To use this Google sheet, you must make a copy or download it as a Microsoft Excel sheet. This Google sheet is in view mode only.

The Spreadsheet

For this Google sheet, there are three navigation tabs on the bottom. Resume submission, interviews, and networking contacts. This simple spreadsheet can help you stay organized throughout your job search process.

Make a copy or Download as Microsoft Excel

By clicking File on the Google sheet, then Make a copy (You can only make a copy if you’re signed into your Google account). You can make a copy of the Google sheet, so it can be saved in your Google Drive. Your own personal copy!

Alternatively, when you click File, then Download as. You can download it as a Microsoft Excel sheet, so you can edit the spreadsheet locally on your computer.

Resume Submissions

On the resume submissions tab, you can put in “Jobs that you applied for”, “Company name”, “Date resume submitted”, “How did you hear about this job”, “Status of application”, “Website”, and “Comments”.

This will likely be the most visited section of the spreadsheet.


The interviews tab will be the section where you can organize the interviews of your job search. Columns include “Interview date, Interview name/title, Phone Number, Address of Interview, Date sent thank you e-mail, and Comments”.

Sending a thank you e-mail is important after an interview, so this spreadsheet helps you in keeping track.


The networking section is where you can put down the “Contact name/title, Company name, Contact information, Date contacted, and Comments”. When attending networking events, it is important to have a place where you can keep track of their information.

The job searching process can be tedious, but it is important that you keep track of your job submissions.

Get started and create your own job hunt spreadsheet with this template of my spreadsheet! Simply go to the File menu to copy it into your own Google Drive, and you’re all set.

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