If you are planning to apply for jobs or even called for a job interview, it would be very nice to know which of the questions the hiring manager will ask you, isn’t it? Here, we collected the top 10 questions that you are most likely to encounter during your job interview. Whether for an internship or a full-time job, these set of questions will serve as a guide and get you prepared somehow during a job interview. Along with the list of possible questions, we also have provided the ideal answers that you can browse through and study on during the preparation for your job interview. In short, consider this guide as a first step for your preparation for your upcoming job interview.

1) Question: Please tell me a little about yourself.

Suggested answer: This may sound simple enough but a lot of job seekers are actually shaking their heads from it and make them think twice on what to answer. If you happen to encounter this question, you may answer (in confidence) about your competencies that you can contribute to the job. Emphasizing on your key skills is important in answering this question.

2) Question: How did you find out about this job opportunity?

Suggested answer: This is another tricky question where most candidates are unknowingly answering it wrong. If you happen to know someone from the company you are applying for, just simply inform the interviewer that someone working there informed you of the position and you don’t need to specify their names. You may also answer that you found the opportunity on a posting (i.e. social media, job posting sites) and emphasize that you are excited to apply right away as you have been waiting for this company to have a job opening.

3) Question: Why do you want this job?

Suggested Answer: This is the question that you will have the opportunity to pitch in your enthusiasm and how excited you are to join the company. A good pitch is to emphasize the company’s strengths (you may try to research on the company’s background prior to the interview) and take it from there.

4) Question: Why should we hire you? 

Suggested Answer: This is another question where you can show off what you got. A good strategy to answer this question is to talk about how you can benefit the company with the skills you already have. To conclude the answer, emphasize the things that make you consistently driven to deliver what you think can be found in the company.

5) Question: What are your weaknesses?

Suggested Answer: This is probably the last question that you want to hear being asked from you. Answering that you don’t have is not the best answer in actual. It’s not like that you most likely don’t have a weakness, but rather than being boastful, you may answer a trait that you are not strong on. Then finish off with mentioning an instance or so wherein you have done something to overcome it.

6) Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Suggested Answer: There are a number of possible answers in this question but the best answer to do this is to actually just be honest. You may emphasize the expectations and projections that you see on the job you are applying for and you just take it from there.

7) Question: What is your dream job? 

Suggested Answer: This is actually a trick question – you must not describe the details of your dream job but rather mention the kind of job that interests you in terms of honing your skills, keep you interested and upholds your values.

8) Question: Do you have pending applications? 

Suggested Answer: This is another question – you must not answer something that will sound that the company you are applying for is not your priority. You may simply say that you have pending applications with other companies, but not as progressive such as you are in at the moment.

9) Question: What kind of work environment do you prefer?

Suggested Answer: This is a question that you can actually prepare for. Prior to the interview, do research on Glassdoor and check out the company website. If it fits your liking, emphasize it during the interview.

10) Question: How do you deal with pressure?

Suggested Answer: It is simple to answer this by just telling a true story on how you deal with a pressure-packed situation, but the key here is to pick the appropriate story that fits the position you are applying for.

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