The Boston Red Sox are continuing to elevate their educational programming for students with the help from their friend Wally the Green Monster. By helping students improve their math skills through “Wally’s Math Academy“. “Wally’s Math Academy” was launched in 2018 and incorporates generic word problems with actual game data. By having video recaps of Red Sox games and photos of players, it allows young students to be engaged.

“Wally’s Math Academy” is currently serving students from 2nd to 4th grade, the program will soon expand to additional grades. The academy is apart of the team’s Calling All Kids initiative and is aimed to enhance kids experiences at Fenway Park. “Wally’s Math Academy” is designed to reach elementary and middle school-aged audiences across the country.

The goal is to enrich and empower young students with tools that keep them engaged.

Wally’s Math Academy is powered by Training Camp. With Training Camp, rather than generic word problems with fictitious data, Wally’s Math Academy provides a unique learning experience that aligns real-world data with the math skills students are already refinding in the classroom.

Typical Word Problem for Two Digital Addition:

Jeffrey has 14 cookies. His sister has 34 cookies. How many candies do Jeffrey and his sister have altogether?

Wally’s Math Academy Word Problem for Two-Digit Addition:

Mookie Betts has 24 home runs and 48 doubles last season. How many doubles and home runs does he have total?

The program is free to educators and available by visiting:

Wally’s Math Academy Example Worksheet:

The “Single Digit Multiplication” worksheet is provided solely as an example of the “Wally’s Math Academy” program and is to be used only by educators with students within the 2nd to 4th-grade phase.

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