Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello everyone! I’m Yasmeen Masri, a senior Interaction Design major and Entrepreneurship minor at Northeastern University. My curious nature is best satisfied in the UX/UI field. I enjoy it because it combines my interest in psychology, design, tech, and business. My passion for this field stems from my desire to create delightful and memorable experiences. I love all things self-development, design, design research, coffee, and crime documentaries.

What was your journey like to get to where you are today?

I’ve lived in Amman, Jordan my whole life until I moved to the United States for university. Faced with cultural differences and cultural shock, I leveraged my background to understand and empathize with people more, which is pretty useful in design. I aim to design accessible material so that people from all backgrounds and ages can relate to it. I’m passionate about delivering good/intuitive design to my audience.

If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?

I would probably worry about the future way less. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how you’ll be in 5 years or who you’ll be, but all these questions cause extra anxiety at the end of the day. It’s good to have a goal and a path, but sometimes you have to enjoy the process/the journey instead of worrying too much about the destination.

What advice do you have for students looking to get into UX/UI? Any online resources?

As for my advice, the first thing I would say is don’t be afraid to experiment! Look at inspiration from websites like Behance or Dribbble and try to copy the designs as best you could. Also, signing up for daily UI challenges helps you experiment with different styles and tools. I recommend signing up for Daily UI. I know of Brainstorm and General Assembly that offer online courses, but I’m sure there are many more.

What is your favorite quote, and what are some apps, software, or tools you cannot live without?

My current favorite quote is:

“Don’t measure your worth by your successes or failures. Measure your worth by your dedication to your path”


My favorite design application is Figma because it’s easily accessible, but if you already have the Adobe Creative Suite Adobe XD is pretty great too.

Apps / tools I can’t live without: my journal, pen, FaceTime, and a book.

Check out Yasmeen’s Portfolio:

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